Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Making Plans

Apparently, my brother called me Sunday morning to ask me if my wife and I wanted to come to Breakfast. He called at 10am to propose breakfast at 11am. He also texted me and my wife. Ok so...our asses were sleep, and even if we had the interest, could not and would not muster up the energy to get up, get dressed, and make it to Decatur in an hour. But that's not the point. see...I promised that on this blog you would find out some things about me, so here is one. I make plans. I plan EVERYTHING. I even plan to do nothing. Let me explain.

When I was a youngster, getting my first lil taste of the nightlife and what not, my mother told me something. She said: "never ask a girl out after Wednesday evening. If a girl gets asked out after Wednesday evening, she assumes she was your second choice, and should/probably will say no." I thought to myself, that's a pretty cool rule! So I adopted it. Not concerning taking random braods to Outback, but for myself. My plans are made by Wednesday and if you ask me to do some shit after Wednesday I'll probably say no. Prime example, today is Tuesday and I can tell you that tomorrow night I'm watching Top Chef, Thursday night is The Office and Grey's, Friday night I'm hangin out with the Short Man, and Saturday night I'm taking my wife to a play. Saturday will primarily be spent working on a project called 'laying on my ass' and Sunday I'm watching the Superbowl. Unless you get to me by tomorrow afternoon, that's pretty much etched in stone.

This is where it gets tricky...see, you might ask me to do something Saturday and I'll say NO. You'll say, why dog? You ain't doing shit..but AH HA! I am doing something. I'm laying on my ass. I just said that! That's called, planning to do nothing. Some people see empty space in their schedule las a chance to do something. Empty space that can and should be filled. I see it as...well, empty space. A chance to do nothing. That's why I can weigh 275lbs and my blood pressure stay low. Ok I'm getting off the subject. You get the point...

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T Dot said...

LOL, hilarious! I feel you on having things planned out - I like to know when and where things are happening too. But do you think you miss out on some pretty cool things simply because of your rule? As they say, rules are meant to be broken. Have fun laying on your behind Saturday. :-)