Thursday, October 18, 2007

My Apology To Aaron McGruder

Dear Aaron,

A motherfucker apologizes man...I really do. I mean, I'm man enough to admit when I'm wrong brother, and I was wrong about you. Now, in my defense, you did not tell us that putting together a season of The Boondocks was such hard work. I KNOW, I KNOW, I KNOW! Putting together a TV show is supposed to be hard work. I get that. BUT, you didn't tell us that you had to write it and then send it to Japan to be drawn and animated. You didn't tell me that dog. I was just worried about you man...that's all. But the good news is that you're back. MAN are you back. Aaron, so far Season 2 of The Boondocks is brilliant, and I expect it to continue to be.

I talked bad about you man. I called you a weekend fling and you are so NOT a fling. you're committed to me and my entertainment needs and you are there for me. You seem to know exactly what I need and if it takes a lil time for you to get it to me, I'm willing to wait. Just...get a website or something to keep us posted on what's going on. A blog or something. You can get a blog right? I mean...I didn't even know Season two was coming until I saw a trailer on YouTube. C'mon now Aaron. You can do better than that!

Look man, the Soul Plane episode...brilliant. The Usher episode, unlike ANYTHING I have ever seen before. You went to the next level on that one. My favorite quote from that episode was from A Pimp Named Slickback:

"Studies show that 75% of bitches experience some kind of hearing loss, which means that talking to a bitch is not always the most effective way of reasoning with her. Sometimes you have to hit a bitch."

Brilliant man. Aaron, again I am sorry. As a tribute to you, here is my favorite part of episode 2. The Usher video. Keep doing your thing man. I'll never question you again.