Wednesday, January 31, 2007

My Health

I went to the doctor over the Xmas brak to get a lil check up. I tell my wife all the time, "if you can walk a flight of stairs without getting winded and you're not pissing or shitting blood, you're probably ok." Neither of thise things had happened to me but I like to be on the safe side and I hadn't been in a while so, I went. Turns out, my cholesterol is a lil high. My bad cholesterol is high acutally, and my good cholesterol is low. The doctor said it was no big deal and I could change it by dropping a few pounds. OK, I get that, but I'm a winner. I like a challenge and I hate losing. So now my goal is to beat this cholesterol thing. I have employed all the usual weapons: mounds of oatmeal, Cheerios, herbal supplements, Omega-3, everything. We'll see who is boss when I go back to get tested. I can't wait to get my blood work done again!


Mau said...

You gonna eat all that stuff...and THEN you are gonna be shitting blood.

"MOUNDS of oatmeal?"

Hell naw.,

T Dot said...

LOL @ being a winner. You're going to whip yourself into shape even if it kills you, huh? I agree with Mau - take it easy on the Oatmeal. Too much fiber can be bad for you too.