Wednesday, December 20, 2006

No Justice, No Peace

Terrell Owens didn't make the Pro Bowl. Deangelo Hall did...

I don't really have the energy today to write about why that sucks in many ways, so if you know about Sports then take a few minutes to think about it. if you don't, don't sweat it. Just know that injustice happens every day, and this is one of those days.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

G Clef

Lemme tell you about Glen Perdew. Glen is a cat I went to school with. When I was a freshman at CAU, he was like...a Senior or Super Senior or something. Anyway, dude is amazing. Probably the most amazing musician I have ever been around. To this day, I still don't know what his principal instrument is but I have personally heard him play percussion, keyboards, several brass instruments, and sing. He used to arrange for marching bands, knows all the Music History there is to know, and he has perfect pitch. If you don't know what perfect pitch it, look it up. I don't have time to explain it, but it's crazy and I wish I had it.

Now, let me tell you what kind of person he is. He'll just give you shit. When I was in school, Glen let me hear a Mingus CD. I dug it a lot and I told him that. He looked at me and said: "well you can have it." Just like that. he once gave my homeboy B a cell phone, because the one he had was all fucked up. Just gave it to him. He's funny as hell. A lil quirky, eccentric even, but funny and just an all around nice and dedicated dude. So check this out. I'm on a gig with GP, or G Clef...either one, and let me just say this about him. He never wears the assigned attire. If we're supposed to be in black suits and ties, he'll wear like a sport coat with a fresh ass shirt and some jeans. And nobody says anything to him about it. He's just cold like that. Also, he always has a cup of coffee from Starbucks, and some kind of fast food breakfast sandwich. If you think I'm lying, go check him out. No matter what time of day, starbucks and a McMuffin or something. So we're on the gig and we're chatting and I say, "what's been going on with you man?" He says to me. "well my wife is going into labor any minute now."

OK in case you're not clear, we were on a gig and his wife was going into labor! OK, I see you still don't get it. Well, that brings me to why GP is on my mind this morning. Sunday we were on a gig. Same Starbucks and breakfast sandwich, and we're outside chatting between sets. I say to him, "Glen how is your family?" You know, cause he just had a kid and shit a few months ago...he looks at me and say, "well I lost my Mom yesterday to Cancer."

I'm a let you think about that for a minute, and just remember while you think...we were on a gig.

Bottom line, he's a better man and musician than me. Here's to GP.

Hey You, Come Here...

Guess what? If you're the kind of person who doesn't watch the news or read the newspaper, and always says things like: "they don't want you to know that, but it's true" but you will forward me an email about Johnny Gill and Eddie Murphy sleeping together like it's fact, guess're pretty fucking stupid.

I've wanted to say that for a long time. All my posts won't be this mean...

There has got to be a better way

So I started out this blog talking about TOO because he was the talk of the town that day. Well, since then, TO has come to Atlanta, whooped the Falcons, and created more controversy than you could imagine, so I'm not dealing with that. I'm too tired. Anyway, I have to spend a little time talking about me, and a good way to start is by explaining my NEW philosophy on life. Yes...NEW. Like a few days old new.

So the other day I'm driving in to work, as I do every day, and I hit one of those points where traffic backed up. I couldn't see why. All I knew was, it was backed up. I couldn't see an accident or a stall, just brake lights. After sitting there for a few seconds, I got frustrated, threw my truck into gear and tried to get around the traffic. Yes, I'm that jerk weaving in and out of traffic that you get pissed at every day, but please are that jerk who is just sitting there when you could be moving. Now think about that, you're SITTING THERE WHILE YOU COULD BE MOVING. There was no accident, no stall, no reason for the back were just following everybody else. Traffic slowed down, so you slowed down too. hate to say it but, you probably live your life that way. Stings huh? Well, I muttered something to myself before I began to fight the traffic. I said: "there has got to be a better way." That's my new philosophy on life folks. There has got to be a better way. There just has to be. You hate your job? Guess what, there is a better one! Hate the person you are with? Yup, there is a better one. Not satisfied with the way things are going for you? Do something about it. Throw your truck in gear and fight through it. That's me

Monday, December 11, 2006

Sorry, I'm a fan of TO

I have pondered for months whether or not I should start a blog. I'm filled with opinions and ideas, and everybody around me has them. However, I was enthralled in far too much to sit down and committ to it, and furthermore, I had no idea where to start. Well, the hectic pace of my life has not subsided but I have some things to talk about that I can no longer hold in. I will use this space to write about my many passions, one of which is Sports. For me, Sports is all about domination.Being noticably better than everybody else. Peaople always ask me: "Who is your team?" "who do you root for?" The answer is simple. I root for the best team. The team that kicks the most ass. The team or player that is clearly better than everybody else, is my favorite. I got that way by watching Michael Jordan in the 90's. I was a Clyde Drexler fan...Clyde "The Glide." In the Finals one year, I forget which, Clyde's team the Portland Trailblazers, took on MJ's Chicago Bulls. I pulled for Clyde as much as I could. And don't get me wrong, he was a great player. I admired the way he played the game, his passion, his leadership....but MJ dismantled his ass as well as the rest of the Blazers. No matter how good Clyde was, MJ was just...better. We have sports figures now who are the same way, and I am a fan of nearly all of them, which brings to mind Terrell Owens.

The most controversial figure in Football and one of the 3 or 4 most controversial figures in Sports, he takes a real ass whooping from the media. They call him a cancer, a dangerous teammate, and a problem child. ESPN seems to be obsessed with him. The man gets a runny nose and they make it BREAKING NEWS. He can't make a joke, observation, or express an opinion without it being headline news. I mean, let me be honest. If I had a camera in front of my face evry day with people constantly asking me questions, I would say some crazy shit too. And this guy on ESPN, Tom Jackson, he hates TO! which brings me to the unfair part. You can call him what you want...crazy, selfish, a bad teammate, a cancer, whatever...but Tom Jackson had the nerve yesterday on NFL Countdown, to say that TO isn't having a great season. Imagine matter how well you play, you don't get credit for the kind of season you are having. Fortunately, the numbers speak for themselves or people might actually think Tom jackson was right! TO is 2nd in the league in TD receptions, behind Darrell Jackson who he leads in actual catches, by several catches. He ranks 8th in catches. He is 9th in yards and on pace to go over 1000. Now factor in the fact that he had Drew Bledsoe throwing him the ball for several games, and he is in fact having a great season. he is on pace to have the second most successful season by a Cowboy, and this year, statistically, he isi the 3rd most valuable Wide Receiver behind Darrell Jackson and Reggie Wayne. All of this goes unmentioned because his is an arrogant, selfish, crybaby, who also seems to be kind of weird.

Now...the question is, is that fair? Is it fair to diminish a man's achievements because of who he is as a person? it's almost as if, the media has decided to dictate how you are supposed to act, and who is allowed to act that way. A brother who is a superior player, must be humble. i.e. Marvin Harrison or Ladanian Tomlinson. Now, if you are not going to be humble about being better, then you at least have to be silly and make us laugh, i.e. Shaq or Chad Johnson. You can't be superior, arrogant, AND no fun, i.e. Barry Bonds, Kobe Bryant, Terrell Owens. That's just too much. You can't have it all. So they take away your accomplishments. They want to knock on some of Barry Bonds' HR's for committing an atrocity that he neevr even got caught doing! Meanwhile, I don't hear anybody calling to asterilk some of Shawn Merriman's tackles (who was actually caught doing roids), but Merriman does a cute lil dance after he makes a tackle, so that makes it ok. And Kobe, poor Kobe; you score 52 points, you shoot too much. You score 19, you're way below your average. That's gotta suck. Shaq hasn't played a full season in years and is putting up numbers that are eclipsed by journeyman Centers from Europe; yet he is still called a "difference maker." Why? Well damn people; the man raps and dances. You can't be mad at an 8 foot tall dude who raps and dances. I mean hell, that's just funny.

Bottom line, I'm a TO fan when he plays football. Because he is just better than everybody else. He commands attention on the field, the same way he does off it, because everytime the ball goes his way, it's a potential game breaker. Let the guys like Tom Jackson say what they want, coaches and Defensive Backs know that they have to keep him in check. So factor into his stats, the number of times he has been double-teamed. Deion Sanders used to go for games without an Interception. Not because his skills had diminished, but because QB's wouldn't throw in his direction. I even saw a stat on Sportscenter last night that showed that TO leads the league in Drops, with 10. I searched every stat website I coudl fine, and nowhere could i find a stat for Drops. Drops! Not catches, drops. We're talking about drops. Not fumbles...drops. Ya'll let me know when you find a list of WR's in the league and how many drops they have, because I want to see how he stacks up against everybody else. You know where to find me.