Monday, May 14, 2007

I'll Make A Deal With You

All of you punk ass rappers, male and female, seek out these girls and give them a good talking to. You hear the way they keep calling each other bitch and ho? They got that mess from you! They learned it by watching you. Explain to them why the shit they are doing is not ok and help them to be better people. Then talk to all of the idiots who were standing around watching this shit and cheering them on. Clean this shit up. Do that, and I'll buy your damn records and listen to you on the radio. Until then, go to hell. This shit is yorur fault.


T Dot said...

Where, oh where, oh where did you go?

Setta B. said...

I feel you, Mr. O. It's partly their fault though. Parents should be held responsible. However, entertainers know that they appeal to young people and certainly don't try to be positive role models.