Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Some shit I read

"Anytime you take a food, dip it in batter and then deep fry it, you turn it into something that can be a bit hard on the gut. "

Yea also turn it into something beautiful.

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T Dot said...

I completely feel you on this. I was watching a show on Food Network a while back where this dude fried everything and got people to eat it. For example, Twinkies. And you know what? everyone said it tasted better fried. Or at least that they would eat it again.

Me personally (sidenote: i hate when people say that. Like, if you say 'me' clearly you're talking about yourself. I wouldn't go around like 'as for me, though I speak for everyone in life but myself...' phrase just makes no sense at all. Ugh. But anyway...) Me, personally, I love fried things. But I had to stop eating them because the sugar and high blood pressure run in the fam. But I can throw down on some chicken every now and again. Gotta keep some things sacred.