Tuesday, June 12, 2007

I'm Sick Of This Boy Right Here

This is Ginobli Wilson...or something like that. Here is his story. So...Geraldo knows how to PAAAAARTAAAAYYYY. I mean, he partays like nobody else. I didn't get an invitation to his New Year's Eve Party but I wish I had. See, my idea of bringing in the new Year usually consists of some fireworks, maybe a lil champagne, a kiss from a lovely young lady, and Dick Clark. And that's in my 20's. When I was in High School I was lucky if my Mom let me stay awake that late...and if I was I had better be working on that damn Science Project that was due in just a few days. Well, Gincarlo and his boys do it just a lil bit different. Them boys got some weed, some liquor, a hotel room, got dressed in their fiiiiinest gold teeth and gangster clothes, grabbed a couple of young girls and set that motherfucker off right! While I was rockin with Dick Clark and Ryan Seacrest they ran a train on a 17 yr old girl, and got blowjobs from the 15 yr old girl while they got high and drunk. IN FACT, they partied so hard that they can barely remember what happened til this day. LUCKILY for them, they videotaped the whole thing so ALL THE MEMORIES were captured.

So...one of the girl's momma's got involved, I don't really know the specifics but Gincarlo ended up in court where he was found guilty of Child Molestation cause he got some lip service from a 15 yr old girl who wasn't legally able to consent to sex. WELL, people wen't ape-shit! Agony Agony Agony, the courts did Hidalgo wrong because he is black, same ole story. Even my Pastor Ole Warnock got involved. Warnock prayed for Giuseppe and got some of his buddies involved and the court got petitioned for an appeal or something...I'm not really sure about that either. But anyway, so yesterday a judge said that getting high and drunk while getting a blowjob from a 15 yr old girl wasn't so bad and that Gamaliel should be sent home. In walks Thurbert Baker. TOUGH Thurbert Baker who is the Attorney General said: 'hold the fuck up Judge!' You can't just let that boy go like that...and he filed an appeal that will keep Geneaology in jail at least until they review the appeal. The cool shit is, that me, Warnock, and Thurbert Baker all go to the same Church so I'm looking forward to being up at the CHUCH HOUSE on Sunday Moanin.

To put it plainly, I'm sick of this boy. I really am...I want him to go away. Stay in jail, go home, I don't give a shit. It's time to stop hearing about this boy. See, publicists and news people think I'm stupid and they want to tell me that he was a Scholar and was on his way to Harvard. That boy wasn't on his way to no damn Harvard...he was a typical wanna-be $2 thug and I'm sick and tired of folks like Warnock and ole Sharpton acting like the shit he did was normal for his age. It's not normal for anybody's age. I'm not saying he should be in jail but...in his interviews he doesn't even seem remorseful for acting like a dummy. I'm sick of it. I'm sick of this boy...

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Setta B. said...

I'm mad that you couldn't wait for church 'cuz you wanted to see some drama!!!