Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Hot Dogs

So T-Dot had a hot dog story, and strangely enough, I have one too. So, my wife loves burgers, and I promised her that when I got home from work last night I would make some burgers on the grill. I could go on and on about barbecuing but I have to be somewhere in 20 minutes so I won't. Anyway, the burgers went over ok, but when I got done with them I realized that the grill was still a lil hot, so I put 3 hot dogs out there. JUUUUUUST for shits and giggles. I let them cook, nice and slow you know? I put them on about 6:30, ate dinner, checked email, called a friend, watered the lawn, and sat down to watch American Idol when I realized...shit, I still got hot dogs on the grill! When I went outside to get them, what I found was a beautiful sight. Cooking low and slow, with just the right grill marks on them were the three most gorgeous Ball Park franks that I have ever seen.
BUT, and T-Dot will appreciate this, NO BUNS! No bread either. Guess what I did have??? Hoagie Rolls. Whole wheat Hoagie Rolls. I split one of them shits open, but two hot dogs in it, laced a lil mustard and ketchup on the damn thing and listened to Melina Dolittle sang her ass off. It was a beautiful thing.

Damn I love hot dogs...


Mau said...

AJC's list of "Greatest Dogs in the City"

Jameil said...


T Dot said...

We used to do that joint with polish sausages. Slice them in the middle, cut them in half, put them on two slices of bread, slather in mustard (or BBQ sauce) and have at it.

Dang I miss polish sausages.

And no worries about the buns. Though I now appreciate and enjoy hotdog holders (which I think I might call buns from now on) make no mistake, I'm from the hood. Diagonal on a piece of sliced bread all day, baby. All day.