Tuesday, February 27, 2007

I Need Some Feedback

What's the difference between this:

And This:

I look forward to your responses...


Mau said...

No difference, What.So.Ever.

Setta B. said...

Well, let me say that I'm watching this at work so I have no sound going on. If there was commentary and/or music, I missed it.

I see a big difference between the two. Firstly, the audience is different. In Harlem, these youth are entertaining for and showing off in front of their own community. Secondly, the Harlem kids aren't making parody of our race as this minstrel performer was. Finally, our African brothers and sisters have (and have had for a long, long time) celebrations that are largely based on dance. Sure, the dances are different but this was a celebration, an exhibition, a fun gathering.

I'm curious to know how you think these two compare.

Mau said...

Yeah, Setta...wait 'til you get home, and listen to the music.

Even without the dance, the music probably ranks below "My Baby Daddy" and "Sippin on some Sizzurp".